Understanding a renovation package and what it means

A renovation package usually comprise of basic or common renovation items that you will usually require. It may not be 100% complete to the actual renovation you require, but the main items are usually included.  It also comprises of mainly only the minimum needs that is required for your home or area you are intending to do. ( example is a kitchen package where usually kitchen cabinets are indicated as 10ft , but some kitchen may be as long as 30ft. ) There will be limitation to the items you are selecting, but in the event that you do not prefer the available selection for the materials being proposed, you will need to top up the difference for the change of materials.

These packages are suitable for home owners whom have a really tight budget, but would want to try to have most of the house renovation done up.

Usually home owners get the idea that it is cheaper, but the real thing is that because in a package, these items are limited to the most basic and cheapest range available only.

What type of package to choose from and how to choose a suitable package

Standard Flats ( Standard Flat Package )

These refer to new flats that does not have flooring done in the living hall and bedrooms. The bathrooms and kitchen have already been tiled up. The basins and toilet bowls are also installed.

Premium Flats ( Premium Flat Package )

These refer to the new HDB flats that has all the flooring and wall tiling works for the Kitchen & Bathrooms already done up by HDB. The basins and toilet bowls are also installed.

Resale Flats ( Resale Flat Package )

Resale flats refers to HDB flats that are either bought from the open market and previously have an owner/s. However this particular package can be used for existing home owners whom are currently still residing in the same house and decides on upgrading or refurbishing the house.

Condominiums ( Condominium Package )

Condominiums are private housing property built by developers that usually comes with a wide range of facilities and usually comes with security features or guards. These are managed by a management which are usually appointed by the homeowners. These type of packages are usually for new condominiums as the house is almost fully furnished with a kitchen and wardrobes.

Kitchen / Bathrooms ( Kitchen & Bathroom Packages )

These type of packages are specific area packages for either Kitchen or Bathrooms or for both and usually used in either resale flat or upgrading an existing home.

Painting Services

This is a simple type of package for doing painting works for a house, whether for the purpose to usher for the festive season or an extensive whole house makeover.