Did you know that you may not be really engaging a designer when you go to a Interior or Renovation firm?

More than 95% of the Renovation or ID firms really does not have qualified designers, what usually happens is that the person that actually attends to you is more of a "salesman" than a designer. They do not have any qualification as a designer, may not be able to draw, not to say produce 3D drawings. 

The actual designing is actually sent to a full time designer or design company whom produce the drawings. In some cases, the project management may also be done by a site coordinator.  Hence, sometimes you will find that what the initial proposed design may not turn out what as expected as it has to go through a few people. Miscommunication may be one of the causes, but it may also be due to the lack of knowledge of the "salesman".

ORB employs qualified designers whom can design, able to guide you along with the proposed concept, application of the right materials to use and a more efficient design to create a perfect planning of the house and are totally capable of site management to ensure that that the design produced can be realistically created.