Do you believe in fengshui? Some people do and some people don't.  This page is dedicated to people who do.  Sometime it doesn't hurt to be just a little superstitious about these things if it doesn't affect your whole house design as a whole.

There are still many other fengshui things that you might not have known. Below are some of the basic fengshui knowledge.

Living Hall
I am sure you would like to have a shoe cabinet that can house most of your shoes, especially for ladies. In this aspect, if you have a tall shoe cabinet. The shoe should not be above your chest level to prevent undesirable luck.

The entrance of the door should not face directly out of a balcony window, a partition or tall potted plants should be placed in between to block good luck from flowing through.

Bedroom door not to face the end of the bed.  This is the worst position to have as it symbolizes death.

Mirrors are controversial in a house design, while it enhances space to make it look bigger, it should not be used without consideration, especially in the bedroom, it should not to face the bed directly.

In today's world we use a wider range of appliances compared to older days where only cooking stove, a sink, fridge and washing machine is only what we need.  We now have cooking hob, oven which symbolizes fire while fridge, sink, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer which symbolizes water.  Fire and water should not be side by side or facing directly opposite of each other if possible.